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Rhinoplasty CostsOne of the major factors to consider when making the decision to undergo a surgical procedure such as rhinoplasty is cost. Dr. Arnold S. Lee works with patients of his Boston and Norwood, Massachusetts practice to determine the options that they have when paying for rhinoplasty surgery. While staying within budget is essential, it is also important to be sure that you are receiving safe and professional care. Over the years, Dr. Lee has developed a relationship of trust with each of his patients by providing superior patient care and educating patients on all of their payment options.

If you have been considering rhinoplasty surgery and would like to learn more about the benefits and cost, please contact Lee Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery today. We are happy to welcome patients from throughout Boston, Norwood, and surrounding communities.

Factors That Influence Rhinoplasty Cost

No two patient experiences are alike, but Dr. Lee consults with patients to help them understand the different factors that contribute to the total cost of their surgery. While rhinoplasty may seem costly to some candidates, it is important to think of the cost as an investment in yourself. Patients who undergo rhinoplasty not only enjoy a more balanced and well-proportioned look, but they can also experience an increase in their self-confidence. Individuals who experience breathing difficulties may also find that their symptoms improve significantly after rhinoplasty surgery.

Among the factors that influence rhinoplasty cost are the number of medical tests needed prior to the procedure, anesthesia fees, surgeon’s fees, facility costs, and post-operative care including medications. While individuals may be tempted to work with the surgeon who quotes the cheapest price, it is important to remember that rhinoplasty is a serious, invasive procedure that, like any form of surgery, involves some degree of risk. A price tag cannot be placed on the peace of mind that you will have when you are receiving expert, personalized care from an experienced surgeon with a history of success such as Dr. Lee.

Are Rhinoplasty Surgery Costs Covered by Insurance?

While for most patients rhinoplasty is considered an elective surgery that is performed for cosmetic reasons, others experience medical issues because of their nasal structures. For these individuals, part of the cost of rhinoplasty may be covered by their insurance company. We accept most insurance companies in the area. Patients should look into their specific insurance plans to determine whether nasal surgery is covered. In some cases, some portions of the surgery may be medically necessary.

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If you are considering rhinoplasty surgery and would like more details on the benefits and cost of the procedure, please contact Dr. Lee’s Boston or Norwood, Massachusetts office today.

Arnold S. Lee, M.D.

Arnold S. Lee, M.D. Lee Facial Plastic Surgery 

Dr. Arnold S. Lee is the director of facial plastic surgery at Tufts Medical Center. Named Top Doctor by Boston Magazine since 2017, Dr. Lee offers individualized care to every patient, and specializes in cosmetic enhancement for patients of color.

Dr. Lee has advanced education and training from the following distinguished institutions:

  • University of Virginia
  • Tufts Medical Center
  • University of Illinois in Chicago

To schedule a consultation at our state-of-the-art facial plastic surgery facility, request an appointment online or call us at (617) 636-7702.

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